Ready for your team to work together more effectively? After each team member goes through the Self-Awareness and Personal Effectiveness workshop and receiving their Discovery Insights® profile, they come together in this course to explore themselves as a team. This includes identifying how they communicate as a team, the team dynamics when under pressure, and how to effectively give and receive feedback to become a more high-performing team.


  1. Explore the color energies and eight types within the team.
  2. Identify your value to the team and what you can do more of.
  3. Explore each color energy communication style and identify how to adapt and connect more effectively within the team.
  4. Explore how color energies change in the team when under pressure.
  5. Give and receive feedback to one another to help heighten self-awareness.
  6. Create a Team Charter.

Prerequisite: Self-Awareness and Personal Effectiveness

Length of Course: 3 hours

Target Audience: All Employees (Teams)

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