Speaking Topics

Five Areas of Focus for [Insert Your Audience Here]

This 60 to 90-minute presentation can be tailored to the audience. For example, recent titles include: Five Areas of Focus for the NEW Rising Star; Five Areas of Focus for the Amazing Meeting Planner; Five Areas of Focus for the Empowered Woman; Five Areas of Focus for the Brilliant Leader; and so on.

Session Description

In the spirit of being [insert audience, such as NEW Rising Stars], this speech focuses on the [insert audience type, such as empowered leader]. The beginning of the session includes defining the [insert audience type, such as empowered leader] and then examining each characteristic that supports that empowerment; to include mindset, resilience, ability to connect with others, and finally, holding both self-care and self-development (not just technical development) as a priority in one’s life. The participant will walk away from this session inspired and with actionable strategies to become a more empowered leader.

Session Benefits

  • Awareness of one’s perceptions and strategies for changing those that are limiting.
  • Strategies for increasing mental and emotional flexibility as well as handling frustration.
  • Tactics for examining one’s network and strategically expanding it.
  • Ways to make one’s self a priority to accomplish more.
  • Approaches to developing oneself to get where they desire more quickly.


Christina, LOVED your segment at the NEW Rising Stars Program. As I mentioned, I am looking to leverage your Podcast with the colleges I help lead as a part of our NEW College Outreach program.

Stacey Miller
Director of Diversity and Inclusion


I loved the message and concepts around your speech. I truly believe what you think becomes reality. I need to truly believe it and quiet the inner critic. Thank you for your speech.

Shawna O'Hara
Retail Industry Leader


Thank you for your talk at Rising Stars on Friday! I very much enjoyed it and have already started listening to your podcast on my way to work this morning!

Thanks again for the inspiring talk. I am particularly enthused to do my online survey to see who my saboteurs are and mostly how to SHUSH them.

Thanks for the inspiring words!

Kirsten Aerts
Process Engineering Supervisor

The Secret to Super Productivity

This 60 to 90-minute presentation introduces the participant to the Secret to Super Productivity system.

Session Description

Effective time management is one’s ability to set priorities and choose how to best utilize the 24 hours we are given each day. These types of systems are great to use, but time is not our most limiting resource. What about taking it deeper and looking at arranging your priorities and tasks around your natural energy fluctuations that occur throughout the day, week, or even month? In this interactive session, speaker Christina Eanes introduces her Secret to Super Productivity system by taking attendees through the process of understanding their natural way of energetic “being” to better manage their time and supercharge their “doing.”

Session Benefits

  • Awareness of one’s daily, weekly, and monthly energy fluctuations and how one is currently capitalizing on them.
  • Gain understanding of those people, activities, and situations that take our energy away as well as those that give us energy.
  • The importance of planning out your to-do list according to your projected energy levels to get lots more done each day.


Everyone just has raved about our session today. It was a great hit! Clearly the messages resonated, so many positive comments.

Thanks a million!

Donald Packham
Chief Human Resources Officer


First, let me say that “Quit Bleeping Around” is THE coolest company name I’ve yet to hear. Upon learning that Christina would be the Keynote Speaker at our 2017 Leadership Summit, I knew it was going to be great series because of the name alone.

Christina’s high energy method for getting our team out of their seats to be physically active together as well as getting them to think outside of their individual “inner box” was amazing. Her portion of the Leadership Summit was the most talked about and we would love to have her speak again.

So “Quit Bleeping Around” and book Christina TODAY!!!

Bessie Watson
Executive Assistant, CFO, CHO, & General Counsel

What you can expect from me:

  • Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  • A personal phone consultation prior to your event so I can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience.
  • A video to promote my session before your event - engaging participants before they even arrive on site.
  • A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation that focuses on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.
  • A personalized package of videos, podcasts, and/or follow up coaching/conversations to continue the learning and return on your investment.

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Thank you for making International Woman's Day a success! The positive feedback from our associates was overwhelming! Your presence, energy, and message really resonated with people.

Thanks Again and hope to work with you again soon. 🙂

Billye Pounds
Senior HR Manager


I thought Chris Eanes' presentation was excellent. She incorporated all methods of teaching so everyone could learn from her presentation. Her energy and charisma was infectious as she had the group laughing and smiling as she taught practical tips for becoming a super-achiever.

Anne Porter Golding
Finance Manager


Christina Eanes is the SPARK! Engaging and Entertaining, yet intimate and thoughtful Christina was the perfect speaker for the Authenticity Professional Women's Retreat. Through skillful storytelling, Christina led our participants on a journey of self discovery of their limiting behaviors ending with practical techniques to enable them to move forward.

Christina is a masterful presenter. I look forward to having her speak at future engagements.

Daphne B. Latimore
Managing Parner/DB Latimore Professional Services Group