Use a Superachiever Mindset
to Unlock Your Potential

Step up your game today to achieve more of what you want in your life

Insight from Christina Eanes

"We've all made important changes in our lives at one time or another. It's interesting how often it happens - it's like we reach a point where we won't accept anything less than the change and a switch is flipped - we're done with the old life and are determined to change it."

Trying to find the time (and courage) to start your own business? Competing for that promotion at work? Frustrated at home or in your relationships? Do you want a more fulfilling personal and professional life? Once you see that the obstacles in front of you are not only insurmountable, but entirely crushable, you’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities within yourself.

Whether you want to achieve personal or professional goals, get compelling insights and how-tos from superachiever Christina Eanes – a former senior manager in the FBI’s Leadership Development program – who’s spent the last 20 years training people to become leaders in control of their own lives.

After studying with top experts in diverse fields like neurology, psychology and biology, Eanes synthesized their most successful models for achieving positive change and made them easily actionable so you can incorporate them into your life today.

Welcome to “Quit Bleeping Around®: Five Areas of Focus for Superachievers.” This course will help you focus on getting out of your own way and unleashing your pent-up potential so you can achieve more of what you want in your personal and professional life – whether it’s better relationships, more money or an amazing work-life balance – this is your can’t-miss chance to build your dream life!

This information-packed, self-paced course is based on Eanes’ best-selling book, Quit Bleeping Around: 77 Secrets to Superachieving, and uses videos and reflection worksheets to cover five focus areas that will help you launch your achievement efforts:

  • Mindset 
    Your mind can help and hinder what you want to achieve in life. Learn Eanes’ proven strategies to harness the amazing power of your own mind.
  • Resilience
    How you see adversity in your life determines your level of success. You’ll learn how to increase your resilience so obstacles and failures become stepping stones to achieving your goals.
  • Connection
    Connecting with others isn’t just essential to achieving your goals and dreams – it’s key to being a vibrant human living your authentic life. You’ll examine how you connect with people – and develop a strategy for increasing your network and bonding with your tribe even more effectively.
  • Self-Care
    Tending to your mind, body and soul is crucial to achieving more in your life. Eanes shows you how to examine your current health levels in these areas and develop tactics for improving them.
  • Self-Development
    Continual self-development is crucial to stepping up your achievement efforts. You’ll set up a step-by-step game plan to grow your personal and professional learning.

What you learn in this course will help you achieve your goals – and even your dreams. By learning to get out of your way and removing self-placed obstacles, you’ll improve:

•Your relationships
•The way you communicate
•Your confidence levels
•Your income levels
•Your personal and business success.

Once you see that the obstacles in front of you are not only insurmountable, but entirely crushable, you’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities within yourself.

What Are You Waiting For?

When you unleash the success story hiding within yourself – you’ll discover a whole world of personal and professional fulfillment you never dreamed was possible.

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