Meet the Team

Our team is here to serve your professional development needs. Our talented instructors and coaches come from a variety of impressive backgrounds and bring their best to every client interaction.

Christina Eanes

Christina is on a mission to help others achieve more in life – mainly by getting out of their own way – as an author, speaker, and podcast host. Through her products and services, she inspires others to take responsibility for their success at work and home. Along with her team, she provides invaluable strategies that lead to better professional and personal relationships, improved communication skills, and, ultimately, increased productivity in accomplishing personal and organizational goals.

Through more than fifteen years of public service with a California police department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Christina worked on an array of programs, including the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program and the FBI’s Leadership Development Program, where her teams helped train thousands of leaders. She is experienced in designing and developing enterprise-wide training programs, facilitating small and large groups, managing logistics and conducting train-the-trainer programs. 

After advancing to a senior manager position within the FBI before turning 40, she decided to open her own business to help people transform their personal and professional lives. She has published several books in addition to having an active YouTube channel and hosting the Quit Bleeping Around® podcast series on iTunes and other outlets, listened to by tens of thousands in over 84 countries.

Lei Comerford, Coach

Lei is a highly effective professional Coach, Facilitator and Learning and Development Consultant experienced helping organizations improve productivity, effectiveness, and engagement.  Lei has over 14 years of strategic and operational experience in healthcare specifically the bio-pharmaceutical and pharmacy benefit management (PBM) industries as well as over 5 years in hospitality. Lei has dedicated years delivering best practices in customer service, coaching, mentoring, project management and facilitation to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Lei has a passion for helping others reach beyond their goals through increased self-awareness with an objective to empower effectiveness and engagement with each client!  Lei gives back to the local and global community through volunteer efforts with the International Coaching Federation “ICF Coaches for Good” and the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Nashville chapter.

Lei is master facilitator certified in a variety of assessment tools and holds the ACC accreditation through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is a Certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Coach and Trainer. Lei earned a B.S. from Georgia Southern University and currently resides in the greater Nashville, TN area.

Bernadette Costello, Instructor/Coach

Bernadette is an experienced leader and talent development professional. She collaborates with leaders, teams, and organizations so they can reach their full potential. As a consultant, her methods involve listening intently to the needs of her clients and helping them identify focused solutions that will work best with the culture and climate. As a coach, her focus is to help the client identify a desired impact and develop a clear plan to achieve that result. In consulting and coaching, she uses a variety of strategies that have evolved after many years of facilitating and coaching. Her experience includes working with organizations, teams and leaders in the public, non-profit and higher education sectors. Her expertise is in the development of organization-wide supervisory development, leadership development performance, and mentoring programs. She has facilitated and implemented large organizational change initiatives. Bernadette’s credentials: D.A. In Higher Education, Masters in Public Administration, Bachelors in Social Work, and Certified Professional Coach (CPC), ACC, SHRM-SCP

Alyssa Eanes, Social Media and Office Manager

Alyssa is responsible for managing our social media, conducting online research for potential client leads, providing support at events, preparing and editing training materials, testing and providing feedback on new products, assisting with production and editing for video and podcasts, and much more! Alyssa’s experience includes being responsible for quality assurance and office support, including managing employee logistics, conducting interviews and try-outs for potential employees, as well as helping streamline daily operations. In addition, she has worked in customer service to include speaking effectively with clients, answering phone calls, maintaining customer records, scheduling services, etc., all while ensuring that the day-to-day operations (and staff working each shift) went smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Alyssa is currently working towards a degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Phoenix.

Dianne Falk, Coach

A former military officer, Dianne brings a unique perspective to client engagements by drawing on the leadership lessons she learned at the United States Military Academy at West Point and in the U.S. Army. She is no stranger to rapid change, rising quickly through the ranks within multiple industries, including the Federal Government and the financial services and banking industry, before becoming an executive coach. Her clients appreciate her candid compassion and ability to be a catalyst to help them find their voice, manage stress, set and achieve goals with intentional habits, and overcome obstacles while managing emotions across their work and life. Dianne has an MS in Business Administration, BS in Engineering and Economics, and is a certified leadership coach.

Stephanie Farlow, Instructor/Coach

Stephanie has nearly 15 years of US government service across all levels of the executive branch (local, state, and federal) and in varied disciplines, including epidemiology (infectious and chronic diseases), data and information analysis, national security, instructing (with international experience), facilitating workshops, leadership development, leadership coaching, writing and editing, and management. Most of her government service was with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). She is experienced in delivering enterprise-wide training programs, facilitating small and large groups, and conducting train-the-trainer programs. Her leadership ability, interpersonal skills, sound judgment, and strong oral and written communication skills have served her well as a leader and a trainer/facilitator/coach. Stephanie’s credentials: BA International Politics, MPH (Master of Public Health), Certified Leadership Coach, (Georgetown University), and Discovery Insights certified

Lori Muhlstein, Instructor

Lori has enjoyed a successful career as a Senior Manager at Verizon Communications as well as an extensive training, sales, and marketing background in telecommunications, government, health care and other industries. She is accomplished in facilitating large and small groups and creating enterprise-wide interactive training programs. Lori’s expertise focuses on critical communication skills such as public speaking, thinking on your feet, impactful interpersonal communication, team collaboration, and customer engagement. A believer in learning by doing, Lori incorporates engaging and creative activities to facilitate the learning process by drawing on her experience as an improviser, actor, and director. Lori’s exceptional interpersonal skills, creativity, and oral and written communication skills, have served her well as a leader and a trainer/facilitator. Lori’s credentials: BA Communications, MPA Public Management and Health Care, and Strengths Deployment Inventory Certified

Laura Renaud, Coach

Laura has over 20 years of successful experience developing and coaching leaders in the semiconductor industry to reach their full potential. Laura has a passion for human-centered learning design that focuses on creating a culture of constant learning and gaining enterprise-level buy-in from Senior leaders. Laura specializes in combining her learning and performance expertise with her Lean Six Sigma knowledge to identify simple, innovative approaches to complex problems. She has expertise in facilitating small and large groups, and designing learning programs for various levels of the organization.

Laura’s credentials include Master of Arts (M.A.) in Organizational Management; Certified Professional in Learning and Performance(CPLP); and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, EQ-i 2.0/EQ-i 360.

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