We found ourselves in another Egyptian tomb, but this time our mission was to free Anubis, who was cursed by a vengeful god, to remain in the tomb for eternity. Once we freed him, he would help us escape the tomb as we were trapped, too. We made it into an inner chamber, and we could start to feel the tiredness set in – after all, we were on the tail end of 30 adventures over the last five days. When you’re tired, you can often feel how slower the brain is to grasp almost basic concepts. We could feel how much we were slowing down. We did end up working our way into the final chamber after a couple of hints from the voice in the walls (aka our game master). It took us longer than normal, but we located all of the amulets and placed them in the correct positions to free Anubis, who then used his vast powers to open a side of the tomb, allowing us to go free as well.

In today’s fast-paced society, we often find ourselves trying to work or handle stuff at home while tired. The first lesson here is to make sleep a priority. Otherwise, we will not be able to function at total capacity. The second lesson is to give ourselves some grace when we are tired. To make sure to leave lots of room to tackle tasks more slowly and not to beat ourselves up when we make mistakes.

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