We were on another money heist – surprised that we haven’t been caught yet with all the heists we’ve been on. This wasn’t easy, we both had to crawl through lasers to access the bank, and one of us was wearing a boot for a torn ligament. There was so much to look at, all looking like potential clues to help us gain access to the loot. We gained access to the manager’s office and opened a frame on the wall where he hid his cigars and alcohol. We immediately started searching the items for clues and attempting to use them to activate other areas of the room. Unfortunately, they didn’t reveal any additional clues. Then one of us thought we should look more closely at the picture frame that opened, and we found a button that opened a secret compartment.

We escaped with a bag full of loot, but throughout the entire experience, we had to remind ourselves to keep focusing. Many distractions attempted to keep us from the mission at hand, some of them winning out for a moment or two. How often do we find ourselves distracted throughout our days – maybe it is an email, text, or chat message that pops up, a family member (furry or human), or whatever else can end up being a distraction. Are you aware of when your attention is taken away from the task at hand, and how do you bring yourself back into a focused state?

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