We found ourselves on another pirate ship. Interestingly, this is probably the 50th pirate ship we’ve broken into or escaped from in our escapelete careers. This time, we had to find our way off the ship before Davy Jones claimed us as additions to his immortal crew of pirates. We started out moving fast through all the challenges that we faced, from organizing cannon balls to opening secret compartments to gaining access to different parts of the ship that would lead us to our eventual freedom. What we didn’t notice until about halfway through our escape was that we had some amazing theme music playing in the background. We quickly realized that we needed to pay attention to it as it would increase the excitement level as we were getting close to solving a particular challenge. We also recognized that it kept us motivated and going to tackle each new puzzle as it presented itself.

Thankfully, we escaped and were not forced into a life of servitude. While we learn many lessons from this experience, the one above all others was how much music is a part of the human condition and how it can be utilized effectively to motivate one to get the job done. Think about how you are using music in your life. If you’re feeling down, play some upbeat music. Need to get motivated? Find the jam that does just that for you.

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