We found ourselves trapped in the catacombs under an old church. A professor had put a call out for assistants to help explore the history of the location and, always up for an adventure, we answered. We become somewhat concerned upon our arrival when the professor shared his fears that we weren’t alone in the catacombs. Not soon after, we found ourselves separated from the professor and locked in a crypt. We were able to work through several challenges to enter another area of the catacombs, and quickly found that a demon had been released during the excavation of the catacombs.

At one point, a coffin emerged from a wall and the demon demanded a sacrifice. One team member gladly jumped in as getting locked in a coffin was not a new experience and one that led to some fun adventures. Once locked in the coffin, the coffin was pulled back into the wall. As the team member lay in the coffin, they heard sounds of rats running over the top and a demon scratching the sides, professing that he would set them free if they gave up the name of their colleague left in the other room. The name of the partner was not given, instead, a choice was made to mess with the demon, giving him several other names. Unfortunately, at this point, it was getting hot in the coffin and the team member had decided that if they weren’t freed in the next few minutes, they would indeed give up the colleague’s name. Fortunately, the demon gave up and sent the coffin back into the other room, and the lid popped open.

Coming together as a team, we were able to banish the demon and escape the catacombs. The team learned several valuable lessons that day. One lesson continually being learned is that things are only scary if you believe that they are scary. The team previously has not had to bargain with a demon before, so the lesson learned during this adventure is to know your limits. The team member that jumped in the coffin for a new experience was ready to end the experience if the heat continued to rise and the adventure was no longer fun. Are you aware of your limits and do you honor them?

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Sneaking into Vaults Requires Fitness

Sneaking into Vaults Requires Fitness

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