We’re were trapped on yet another pirate ship. After questioning why this seems to happen to us a lot, we got to work on finding a way off the boat. We had been through many escape room experiences at this point in our week, thoroughly enjoying our escapecation, but we were slowing down a little. We were so close to escaping in record time then we hit a snag. We solved a challenge, we even heard a click in part of the room, but we couldn’t figure out what happened. We searched high and low in the various rooms opened up during our escape and couldn’t find anything.

One of us became frustrated and stood in the middle of the room to get a different viewpoint. That’s when we discovered that a skeleton had fallen from the ceiling and was hanging in the middle of the room with a key around its neck that would lead to our freedom. How does anyone miss a large skeleton that fell loudly from the ceiling and hung in the center of the room? Unfortunately, this happens a lot in escape rooms and life. When we’re a little tired and focused on something, maybe it’s a problem or some challenge we’re facing, we tend to get tunnel vision. It is the brain’s way of making sure we stay focused on the task at hand. Unfortunately, this can lead us to completely miss a solution that could be quite literally hanging in front of us. Lesson learned –we feel tired and frustrated, take a step back, relax, and then take another look around.

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Sneaking into Vaults Requires Fitness

Sneaking into Vaults Requires Fitness

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