We had a fantastic day planned out – we were going to escape zombies, break a mummy's curse, and bust out of jail. It's probably not how the average person would like to spend their day, but we're a unique couple and share the same brand of weird. We were looking forward to the experience as we got a sneak peek of the rooms, and they were beautiful – very immersive, helping us feel like we were really having each of the experiences.

There was only one problem, though – the game master. We've written other blogs about how the leader sets the tone, meaning the guide to the experience significantly affects the experience for others. Unfortunately, the guide we had been assigned for this experience was not engaged. He showed up late; he didn't explain the storyline for each room, barely gave us any direction, and appeared to be highly put out that he had to work that day.

Knowing the leader sets the tone, and we had a very poor leader for these experiences, we decided we were on our own, but we would not let that affect our enjoyment of the rooms. It was difficult at times, and we had to keep reminding ourselves how amazing the escape rooms were, and we did end up having a good day and enjoying the rooms. Much like in life, the individual leading us through various experiences, maybe a boss or someone in a similar position, can make it difficult to enjoy such experiences. As difficult as it is, we must separate that person's attitude from our experience. I like to think of it as not allowing them so much power over our lives.

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Sneaking into Vaults Requires Fitness

Sneaking into Vaults Requires Fitness

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