An individual we thought was a friend cooking us dinner in his lovely mansion was actually one of Dracula’s human assistants who lured us to serve as his master’s next meal. Luckily, we still had an hour until sundown to find a way out of the mansion before Dracula awoke and partook of his “breakfast.” It was pretty dark in the office we found ourselves locked in, but we were able to find a secret doorway and move into Dracula’s sleeping room. Luckily he had bunked down in another part of the mansion, so we opened the hidden entrance to his library through a trigger in his coffin.

Once in the library, we were able to work through a series of challenges until we got stuck. Being a huge fan of chess, Dracula had made the final exit from his library a code via his chess board, and we couldn’t figure out how to identify the code. Going through many of these experiences, we realize that when we get stuck on something (much like in life), we have to stop and think about what constraints we are putting on ourselves. In other words, we have to force ourselves to think outside of the proverbial box. We realized that while we had thoroughly searched the library shelves, furniture, and floor, we had neglected to look more closely at the walls. It was then that we found reference to a code on three of the paintings and were able to secure our freedom before becoming dinner.

Think about how often we think, “I can’t do that,” or we don’t even consider alternative ways of looking at something in life. If we don’t carefully train ourselves to truly have an open mind and ask a lot of questions, our perception can hold us back. What is a different way you can view a current obstacle in your life right now?

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Sneaking into Vaults Requires Fitness

Sneaking into Vaults Requires Fitness

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