We found ourselves locked in the basement of a creepy old home we had just moved into. Why we chose a creepy old house that the locals had many scary stories about still eludes us, but here we were. We were able to break out of the basement and found ourselves in a courtyard, trying to access a family crypt. If we could access the tomb, we would figure out what made the home so creepy and banish whatever was haunting it, leaving us to live in peace. We got to a point where one of us had to crawl up into a completely dark space to activate an opening to the crypt. Since one of us is always first to jump into the dark and small spaces, we decided that the other escapelete would try it out this time. While one was crawling through the small space and trying to find a way to activate the crypt opening, the other one was pacing around, constantly asking what was going on, because they were jealous of the fun the other was having (yes, we think it is fun to crawl through small dark spaces while exploring a haunted crypt). The escapelete pacing about decided that once the other one had completed the task, they would investigate the crawl space to avoid missing out.

Once the escapelete in the crawl space activated the opening to the crypt, it didn’t end up opening a door. Instead, a coffin slid out near the entrance. The escapelete experiencing a serious case of FOMO was overjoyed to learn that they needed to get in the coffin and close the lid. Then they would be transported into the crypt for the next round of challenges (yes, we were indeed excited to lay in a coffin and close the lid!) Both escapeletes ended up reuniting in the crypt and liberating the whole property from the evil spirit haunting it. We also learned another important lesson about life (as we do in most of our experiences). When we find ourselves suffering from a severe case of FOMO, we need to relax as our time is coming to have our own remarkable experiences.

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Sneaking into Vaults Requires Fitness

Sneaking into Vaults Requires Fitness

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