For this mission, we had to infiltrate a lab holding the eggs of a mythic creature, find a viable one, and remove it before a rogue scientist sabotaged the lab. We were ready and excited to be a part of such a big mission, but then we found ourselves separated, locked in different offices with no way to communicate with each other. The first part of the experience was isolating and lonely. We were used to tackling these missions as a team (we make a fantastic team), and we each found ourselves alone and with no way to communicate with each other or the outside world.

To cope with the isolation, we each busied ourselves searching through the office we were in, looking for ways to either escape or communicate with each other. Based on an inventory of items found, it looked like we would have to find a way to communicate first as there were items in each office that appeared to belong in the other office. Thankfully, after a few minutes, we each located a radio that allowed us to communicate, work through some tasks, and then release the locked doors.

We ended up successfully escaping with the viable egg, which allowed us to free the mythical creature, saving it from extinction. We also were able to practice our emotional intelligence during this adventure. We were bringing awareness to our loneliness and isolation and working through it by keeping our minds focused on the task at hand so we could reach out for help from another, eventually reconnecting with the outside world. As humans, no matter how introverted we believe we are, we need other humans, and it's essential to make sure we get that interaction for our emotional health.

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