We found ourselves breaking into a warehouse on this adventure. Our mission was to locate an ancient artifact to help lift a curse causing a lot of trouble. We had a guy on the inside that was helping us, and he told us that we needed to use an x-ray machine to scan a crate. It was a big crate, and the device was small, so we had to move it around quickly to find information that would help us locate the artifact. It was a difficult task because one of us had to stand on one side of the crate to look at a viewscreen while the other stood on the other side of the container to move the x-ray scanner around. We took turns at each side of the crate to get a feel for what the task entailed.

At a certain point, the person with the x-ray scanner found a clue to look at a specific area of the crate and moved the scanner to that location. Then, the person viewing started giving directions to move away from that area, and the one scanning got frustrated as it was where it needed to be. Finally, after prompting from our person on the inside, we did move the scanner and found the information we needed to activate the ancient artifact and remove the curse.

The team learned a crucial lesson on communication during this adventure. When communicating with others and asking them to do something that they aren’t sure they should be doing, it is essential to explain the “why” – why you are asking them to do what you need them to do. It doesn’t take a lot of extra time, and it will help move the process along much faster. In the rare times that you don’t have an additional few minutes to explain, this is when it is essential to have built up enough trust within the partnership or team to say, “trust me – I’ll explain later.”

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