The lead on the heist was concerned. He said that, as Heist Boss, he usually only allows a minimum of four to go on this particular caper as it requires a least that many people to face all of the challenges it presents. So, as is our custom when embarking on these types of adventures, we showed up with a team of two. However, we were confident that we could successfully steal the goods and escape from the vault, so he let us go with the advice that we should split up and work on multiple challenges at the same time to escape successfully.

At the beginning of the experience, we found ourselves breaking into an armored truck to gain access to the actual bank. Although we were a bit nervous at first, not knowing what was ahead of us and heeding the advice of the heist boss, we split up to work on different challenges. However, we soon found that we wanted to work together through the puzzles (and needed to do so) because it was a much more enriching experience for us to move ahead as partners in crime.

We completed the heist with time to spare before the authorities arrived. We also learned some valuable lessons – it is essential to (1) be aware of your strengths and have confidence in them and (2) don’t find your thoughts consumed with what could happen (not being up for a challenge or obstacle) and instead focus on the present moment and what you need to do to get to the next moment. Too often in life, we question ourselves and fill our thoughts with worrying about what could potentially happen. Instead, we need to have faith in our resilience and focus on one step at a time.

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