We had just spent a fun weekend doing escape rooms and were in our final room before leaving for the airport. For this adventure, we found ourselves as contestants on a game show. There were many challenges to overcome in the 60 minutes we had, so we started by discussing our strategy for tackling the various puzzles and activities. Then, we reminded ourselves of our overall strategy for doing escape rooms, and the answer revealed itself – we do escape rooms to enjoy each other’s company and deepen our relationship. So we decided to face each challenge together, and we had so much fun while finishing early!

We tend to get bogged down in the details in life, especially when faced with changes at work and at home. We must have an overarching strategy or “why” for doing what we do, much as we did in the gameshow, for keeping perspective. For example, at home, our “why” is to build and maintain meaningful relationships. At work, it is to contribute to the greater good. When we face a challenge, we focus on our “why,” which helps adjust our perception, better aligning our emotions (and lessening our stress!)

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