We heard there were sightings of an enraged Bigfoot in the area, so we took cover in an abandoned camper in the woods. It appeared that the camper used to be the home of a Bigfoot enthusiast who left lots of documentation as they had been tracking him for quite a while. Shortly after we took shelter in the cabin, Bigfoot made his first appearance and shook the trailer – we each had to grab on to something close by and hang on for our lives. Thankfully he got distracted and left; however, we knew we had to work fast as he would soon return.

As our team of two made our way through the clues left by the previous tenant, we had trouble finding a way to gain access to locked areas of the camper, which, of course, led to some frustration. Nevertheless, we kept sharing our thoughts, each idea getting more outrageous as we ran out of them. In our time working together as a team, we learned how to “yes, and” each other – a great tool learned in Improv where you don’t “yes, but” someone’s ideas, instead you affirm that you heard the idea, and then you build upon it with your own. It helps keep frustration levels down and doesn’t lead to the other person feeling stupid for bringing up an idea. In this particular situation, the only problem was that we forgot to get our faces on board with the “yes, and” process. So, while we were verbally communicating effectively, the looks on our faces told each other that we thought the other’s ideas were downright stupid.

Body language is an essential part of any communication, and it is vital to ensure that your body language is congruent with the words coming out of your mouth. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we have an innate ability to identify when something isn’t harmonious. So when we’re not communicating congruently, this can lead to even more problems in the communication process. Lesson learned – make sure your face is on board with what you are communicating; otherwise, it will hurt the conversation more than it will help it.

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