We found ourselves in another haunted manor, trying to escape before the ghosts kept us there forever. Unfortunately, for this experience, the puzzles created by the ghosts were not the best. Of course, this doesn’t often happen during an escape experience, but it was clear that the game designers did not consider logical puzzle flow when creating the experience. Instead, it appears they created several separate puzzles, each one meant to occupy a lot of time for large groups of inexperienced players to tackle.

Regardless of the challenges presented by the game design, we were able to make some progress in thwarting the ghosts closing in on us. Although we were getting closer on time and not wanting a poorly designed room to affect or escape rate, we started requesting hints from the game host. They provided the clues that the puzzle design lacked, which helped us from becoming forever entombed in the haunted manor.

From experienced enthusiasts to people who have never done an escape room experience, we often hear a desire not to ask for help from the game host. Our response to each of these different types of folks is the same – would you never ask for help in life? If you had a physical ailment, would you not ask the doctor for help? If you had a deadline you couldn’t meet at work, would you not ask for help from your colleagues? If you wanted to get more physically fit, would you not consult the appropriate resources for doing so? Escape rooms are like life – sometimes we need a little help, and we shouldn’t hesitate to ask for it.

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