We thought it would be fun to visit a fortune teller on a recent trip, having her read our “cards” to share visions of the future. However, once we arrived at the location for our reading, we realized something was wrong. The entry was locked. When looking through the window, it appeared that a struggle had occurred in the small bungalow. Luckily we were able to gain access through a key under the doormat. We were then introduced to the fortune teller’s apprentice, who presented us with a series of challenges before being taken over by a demon from a cursed object. I know – we can’t make this stuff up!

While we were able to help dispel the demon and save the apprentice, we found out we were too late to save the fortune teller as she was already taken to the other side (i.e., killed) before we arrived. So, overall our mission was considered a success. Still, we didn’t feel that sense of satisfaction that we usually did as we didn’t successfully overcome every challenge that the apprentice put forth. Such is life, though – we often find that we fail several times before reaching whatever goal we set, that doesn’t mean that we were any less successful. Instead, we need to look at the failures as successes that brought us closer to achieving the final mission.

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