We were trapped.  The exit to the surface had collapsed, and the only way out of the tunnel was forward through the Pharoah’s Tomb.  But his sarcophagus-like gate was impenetrable!  Luckily, we figured out one of his clues and revealed a new way up and over the entrance.  However, it wasn’t going to be so simple; we had to work on a new puzzle from both sides of the newly discovered pathway.  As we went up and down the ladder-like rock formations, one of us missed his footing (and the last two steps), and the ladder turned into a very painful slide.  A sharp reminder of the foremost principle: safety first.

In life, as in tomb raiding, we must already remember to keep both physical and emotional safety in mind at all times.  Frequently, we only think of one of these based upon the circumstances.  For instance, how often have we been playing a game or working through a problem and let slip a callous or insensitive statement in the heat of the moment?  Emotional safety is a set of actions that we do to ensure that we preserve feelings, attachments, personal esteem, and respect for each other.  Remember, each engagement we have with others is a small piece of our overall relationship with them, and it can either build or break down our bonds.

Similarly, even the most straightforward environments and actions have physical safety dimensions too.  Leaving something on the floor that the next person runs into can cause them to trip or stub their toes.  This mindfulness, and situational awareness, isn’t just a benefit for yourself (not missing those last two steps); it shows respect and consideration for others.

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