Flying over the jungle was incredible.  But we were beginning to think our pilot might not be very experienced.  As our plane suddenly jerked and the engines stopped, we were convinced that he wasn’t very experienced.  The crash wasn’t too bad, but we found ourselves in a remote portion of the jungle with no way to call for help.  Luckily, we were able to salvage some equipment from the plane and started to look for help.  As we worked our way through the jungle, we came upon an ancient temple.  Gaining access was tricky; nevertheless, we found ourselves in a large ceremonial chamber with various statues and strange markings around the room.  At least we had some shelter, but we didn’t want to stay here any longer than necessary.  As we worked our way through the temple, we realized that this find would make us famous if we made it back.  Our excitement built as we figured out the puzzles and avoided the deadly traps. Finally, we were nearing the end, and the solution to the final puzzle was at the tips of our fingers.  Interestingly, was the room a little smaller than it was before?  No worries, we had this and kept focused on the answer.  Success!!  We solved the last puzzle just as we realized that the room didn’t just seem smaller; it was smaller, much smaller.  As we had worked the final puzzle, the room was slowly crushing in, and we hadn’t even noticed!

In life, we frequently focus on the negative things and become obsessed with what may happen (for example, being crushed by an ancient temple). However, when we stay focused on the positive and have confidence in our ability to succeed, the many negative things lose their emotional and mental effect on us.  Please don’t be mistaken; the negative things don’t disappear, but their ability to negatively affect us does.  We are constantly surrounded by positive and negative people, situations, and influences, but when we choose to select what we want to focus on, we improve our happiness, success, and productivity.  So, don’t sweat the little things, and don’t sweat that wall about to crush you!

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Enjoy the Process (of a Mafia Heist)

Enjoy the Process (of a Mafia Heist)

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