A famous fortune was waiting, and the Inventor had left it in the care of his artificial intelligence program.  No problem, or so we thought.  We were in his office but couldn’t find the way into his laboratory.  And, the AI’s snarky quips weren’t helping.  In the end, the steampunk mix of technologies didn’t stop us from finding the lab and getting the loot!  However, little did we know, the AI had been recording everything we said as we worked our way through the office and lab!  Not only had it recorded us, but it had rated us on how well we had done individually as we were breaking in.  Yikes!

When we become absorbed in what we are doing, we sometimes forget (or don’t notice) that our mouths can become a stream of consciousness flow of our unfiltered thoughts.  The same is true for our facial expressions and body language.  When we’re fully engaged, we sometimes miss that we are rolling our eyes, doing condescending huffs, or letting little comments slip.  Sometimes, those around us are so engaged that these things are missed.  But many times, these little things can become distractions for others or even grow into hurt feelings.  It’s essential to be aware of our own and others emotional states (and maybe even take a course on Emotional Intelligence or EQ), but it is equally important to understand that we can be doing things that have an impact on others and not even be realizing we’re doing it.  Just take a moment and think, “Did I really say that,” and what could it mean to someone else?

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