We escaped the zombie hoard by taking cover in a cabin. It appears the previous occupants had planned well for the apocalypse as the place was full of weapons and supplies. It also seems that they weren’t so lucky in avoiding the zombies, as we found one chained up in a closet. Perhaps one of the occupants had been bitten and chained himself up before turning and being killed by another occupant. We couldn’t locate anyone within the cabin (other than the dead body), but it does appear they left a series of clues and puzzles to help us determine where we were and how to call for help.

One of the clues was rather gruesome as several fingers were lying about that had letters tattooed on them. We kept attempting to arrange the letters into a message until one of our team members found a message regarding reuniting the 13 fingers. We searched high and low for the fingers as they were strewn throughout the cabin. After locating all 13, we could more easily decipher the letters into a three-digit code that gave us access to the radio in the backroom to call for help.

During escape adventures, as in life, we often find ourselves trying to figure out what to do next while not having all of the information at our fingertips (pun intended). Sometimes you have to move forward without having all of the data as it simply isn’t available; other times, one finds that they need to make sure they have all of the information before moving forward. It can be tough to figure out if there is more information to make the required decision (or solve the puzzle). Our advice is to collect the available data, try to decide (or solve the puzzle), and if it is too tricky, hunt around for more information and continue the cycle until you have enough information to move forward.

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Enjoy the Process (of a Mafia Heist)

Enjoy the Process (of a Mafia Heist)

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