We found ourselves in another prison cell – this one located on the infamous Alcatraz Island. The previous cell occupant had found a way to escape, the only successful escape in the history of the place thus far, and had left several clues for us to follow his lead. The cell was your typical 10 x 10 and was reasonably sparse considering someone had been living in here for over a decade. We conducted our standard “search through everything” routine when embarking on a new adventure. We’ve learned through these experiences, as well as in life, to notice everything. One of us closely examined the toilet and surrounding area because we know how the brain will dismiss certain areas in our lives as something we already know about, so it believes there is no need to look further. The toilet paper looked a little strange, which led to an even closer examination – there was a weird bolt holding it in place. The bolt was easy to remove by hand, which then enabled the entire toilet section to swing outward, revealing a secret room behind the cell.

We were able to make our way through the secret room, out to the prison roof, and then off to the beach, where we had a boat waiting to take us back to the mainland. We made it! If we had not paid close attention to our surroundings, especially those that our brain writes off because it is something we’ve seen a thousand times before, we would not have gone down in history as escapees of the infamous Alcatraz. This adventure was an excellent reminder not to dismiss ideas that “won’t work” so quickly – give them a closer look and ask, “what if it would work?”

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Enjoy the Process (of a Mafia Heist)

Enjoy the Process (of a Mafia Heist)

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