An evil magician had stolen a book of secrets, and it was our mission to infiltrate his secret lair to help recover it. As we worked our way through the various traps that the magician had set for us, we gained confidence in our ability to complete this mission - until the magician started popping up in unexpected places. We opened a trunk, and there he was (so we promptly closed it). We opened a box, and he was in there, too. What was going on? He was a magician, so somehow, he was using his abilities to pop up in various places to frighten us and attempt to thwart our progress.

We succeeded in our mission to recover the book of secrets that day despite the attempts of the evil magician to keep us from finding it. Much like in life, we were able to accomplish the task at hand, regardless of the number of unexpected obstacles impeding us, because we continued moving forward, persevering, and keeping our eye on the goal.

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Enjoy the Process (of a Mafia Heist)

Enjoy the Process (of a Mafia Heist)

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