We received a strange request from our favorite uncle.  In the note, he asked us to come to his manor and find his golden amulet.  We remembered the amulet from spending time at his estate as children. Here's what's weird, though -  our uncle had been dead for almost a decade!  But the handwriting was his, and it was delivered to our new home address.  The note further explained that the amulet was cursed and had trapped him in the mansion.  We needed to help him escape this terrible fate.  So we travel up to the estate and using our old key, we entered inside.  As soon as we closed the door, the lights went out, and the door bolted behind us.  A ghost appeared and welcomed us to the manor, sharing the amulet's story, and then left. We waited in the darkness, but nothing happened.  Our phones wouldn't work, and there was no other light.  Now what?

Often in our professional and personal lives, we are left drifting without direction or any idea of what we should be focused on.  Sometimes, our impulse might be to sit and wait, either out of the fear of doing something wrong or working on something unnecessary.  As we wait, the inaction itself can start to become a weight on us.

As we waited in the dark, the sense that we needed to do something began to descend on us.  Carefully, we started to move around in the dark.  As we searched and felt around, we found little flashlights that worked (even though our trusty smartphones didn't).  By overcoming the darkness and taking some initiative, we were able to find help ourselves.

Such is life.  Just because we are not told what to do or how to do it, we frequently find that we can figure things out by ourselves by taking small steps and searching for our own solutions. So many things can be accomplished by taking the initiative to move forward in some way.  Lesson learned – don't wait for further instruction – do what you can to move forward, and you may surprise yourself in how quickly the right path is revealed.

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