Being the helpful citizens that we are, we pulled over to help a stranded motorist. At least that is the last thing we remember. We woke up inside the bottom of a deep well with no apparent way out. There were four of us on this adventure, so we quickly split up and started searching the area to see if we could find a way to escape the seemingly dire fate headed our way. One of us could crawl through a small grate in the wall, which led to a crawl space with a body in it. Yikes! After moving the body, we found the crawl space to be a dead end.

After we had searched high and low along the well's brick walls, we focused our attention on the metal grate in the middle of the floor. It didn't appear to go anywhere, so we didn't give it much thought when we first glanced at it before starting our search. The grate had a key lock and a word lock keeping it secured. We found a key attached to the wall with a chain, but it didn't reach the grate, so we assumed we needed to find some way to free it. After what felt like a very long time, we were ready to give up escaping until one of us glanced down more closely at the key. We noticed it had a word on it, which we promptly used on the word lock on the grate, and it opened. The key lock was fake!

We were able to locate a lever within the metal grate, which, when pulled, opened up a doorway on the wall. Wow! There was no indication during our initial search that the door existed. Once we entered through the door, we found ourselves moving up a circular stairway to a room that contained a bunch of bodies hanging from the ceiling in canvas body bags. Thank goodness there wasn't the usual smell that accompanies dead bodies! Feeling the need to get out of there quickly before we joined the hanging bodies, we anxiously searched the room. There was a door, missing a doorknob, with a latch and key lock securing it closed. We searched throughout the room for a key but were only able to recover the doorknob. Again, much like in the well, we found ourselves stuck. Until one of us inserted the doorknob, turned it, and found that the latch and lock were fake – the door opened! We worked our way through another room, and after activating a few other puzzles, part of the wall slid open, and we were liberated.

Our assumptions on the lock and key in the well and the doorknob and lock in the second room almost led to us become additional victims of the serial killer. One would think that after the experience with the first fake lock that we would be more alert to the possibility of more diversions being present, but we fell right back into old assumption patterns. We tend to do this in life – we run into the same issues repeatedly and try to overcome them using the same tactics, rather than being intentional in learning the lesson that each one is teaching us, so we don't get taken in each time. What do you need to be more intentional about learning in your life, so you don't continue repeating the same mistakes?

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Did I Really Say That In An Escape Room?

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