We were in the famous candy factory trying to ascertain what made these confectionaries so delectable.  What was the secret ingredient?  Was it true genius or something nefarious?  As our team made it into the main factory floor, we realized that we weren't communicating with each other while we were speaking to each other.  We were telling each other what we needed but were so focused on our tasks that we couldn't listen to what the other team members required.  Was it the sugar in the air, or was there some other reason that we could not focus on the team as a whole?

Frequently, we find ourselves so focused on getting our own jobs done that we don't have the attention or energy to sympathize and support each other on a personal level.  This frequently manifests in the difference between hearing someone and listening to what they have to say.  While occasionally a laser focus on a specific task can help get a task done quicker (although it wasn't working for us on this day), we need to step back and ask the question, "how am I developing and supporting the relationships and people around me?"  In the long run, the time we spend supporting, listening, and investing our attention in others pays off in stronger teams, team success and eliminates everyone's stress from the feelings that we are "on our own."  We shouldn't let our urgency and anxiety to focus on our own tasks become a distracting "sugar rush."

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