We were in South America, searching for the entrance to a mine that had collapsed over 75 years ago, trapping a fortune in gold worth millions of dollars.  As we searched, the earth shook, and the ground collapsed right under our feet, sending us into a hidden pitfall and trapping us in the lost mine.  Our delight at finding the mine suddenly turned into how were we going to escape?  As experienced treasure hunters, we quickly identified clues and locks that would give us access to the treasure, and we were confident that we could at least get to the prize quickly.  However, our confidence took a hit when we realized that the locks that we thought were ones we had handled before were not as they seemed.

One of the pitfalls in our work and personal lives is assuming we know how something works or how people react in specific situations.  This can manifest in trying to complete other people's sentences before they finish, jumping to conclusions, or assuming that others' expectations of us and our contributions will always remain the same.  It is reassuring to stay in our "comfort zones," but our world and personal growth don't live there.  And, staying the same over time can't guarantee future success or personal relationships.  Rest assured, with a little teamwork and a few nudges from our gamemaster, and we were able to find the treasure and escape our literal pitfall successfully.

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Did I Really Say That In An Escape Room?

Did I Really Say That In An Escape Room?

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