As super villains, we had to act fast. We only had 60 minutes to work together as a team to get our city-annihilating laser up and running so we could take over the world. Here’s the problem, though – we’re super villains, and we’re not big fans of working together as a team. On top of that, most of the team had to work remotely – only one team member was in the actual room, while the others had to log in virtually to assist in the mission. As super villains, we did an excellent job of working together as a team, even with most of the team working remotely – we couldn’t let those superheroes win another day, could we?

To work well as a team, especially with part of the team being remote, it was crucial to establish rapport with each other and come to alignment over our mission. With only 60 minutes to accomplish the mission, one would think that spending precious time building rapport would be a waste. But by taking that time to get to know each other, we were building trust and creating a more productive environment. Trust is essential, primarily as super villains, because we aren’t known to be very trustworthy.  In the end, we were successful – we got the machine up and running and took over the world (at least temporarily.) We could only accomplish this by building rapport with our teammates and maintaining it while performing the mission together.

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Did I Really Say That In An Escape Room?

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