It was an exciting day! We were going on one of the best adventures known to escape room enthusiasts in the United States – and we were doing it as Goonies! We started in a small cave and were able to work our way into the first massive cavern in this experience. To beat this part of the cave's challenges to make our way into another one, one of us had to get into a giant wheel and run like a hamster. When we did so, the entire floor of the cavern rotated! We worked our way through another series of rooms and then found ourselves in an even more immense cavern with a sandy beach, a pirate ship, a lagoon with a waterfall, and a smaller cave off to the side. Further description of this fantastic experience would give too much away for those who desire a Goonie-like adventure in the future.

While this was an amazing experience, we were struggling internally. We wanted to see the entire experience through to the end, to include escaping while enjoying the experience along the way, because we knew there wouldn't be one like it in the near future. The entire hour we spent as Goonies was focused on figuring out how to best balance enjoying the experience with achieving the desired outcome. How often do we do this in life? We get so focused on achieving the goal that we forget to enjoy the process of achieving it. The secret is to go through achieving the desired outcome with the intention of enjoying each moment along the way – even those experiences that may be unpleasant. The awesome thing about goal accomplishment is who you become in the process – so make sure to take the time to enjoy that process.

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Did I Really Say That In An Escape Room?

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