We were exploring another candy factory (evidently, many nefarious activities occur around the creation of sugary treats.) We started in a room full of doors and had to decipher which door was the real door leading to the rest of the factory. Once we signed our name to the equivalent of a non-disclosure agreement, we were admitted access. It took us a while, but we worked our way into the “engine” room, where we found some bizarre machines that required placing various objects on the control panel to boot them up. Surprisingly, it took multiple types of candy that we needed to put into shaped receptacles. For example, a lollipop was placed in a lollipop-shaped container on top of the control panel. We set all of the candy we had found onto the control panel and were dismayed to see that we still had three missing pieces. We started looking around and found a used piece of gum sticking to one of the other machines. After pulling on it, we realized it was magnetized and that it fits perfectly into one of the remaining receptacles on the control panel. We quickly searched through the rest of the rooms now that we knew what we were looking for and found two other pieces, thus securing our escape.

How often do we miss the small details that help us in navigating through our world? We walked past all three of the used gum pieces several times throughout our adventure without noticing them. In real life, how often do we miss that expression of dissatisfaction during a conversation or that small detail that could completely change how we approach solving a problem. This adventure taught the escapeletes that we need to be more aware when approaching life, looking for those often-overlooked details that could help us succeed.

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Did I Really Say That In An Escape Room?

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