The room we found ourselves in was subline in nearly every possible way. It’s probably one of the best rooms we have ever been in—the props were beautiful, the technology seamless and exciting. The only thing that was missing was the voice of one of our escapeletes.

The escapeletes (and mostly everyone, really) get excited when in a room like this one. They want to solve the puzzles to see what happens next. They can get excited when things get moving as they flow the way they did in this room. And honestly, the beauty of the room was astounding, so the unheard escapelete could understand why her voice was lost to the rest of the escapeletes.

When one attempts to speak up and is not heard, the mind can spiral, especially when one is self-conscious. Thoughts include, “Is it me? Is my voice not loud enough? Is what I have to say not important?” When we reflected at lunch later, the escapeletes said they were excited and that the unheard escapelete needs to speak up in the future – grab someone to get their attention if needed.

The lesson learned in this experience – speak up! If you feel like you aren’t being heard—say so! “I don’t feel like I’m being heard. Can you confirm that you heard me?”  Give this a try. It might even boost your confidence a little—what you have to say is important, so speak up!

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