Great teamwork was essential for this adventure in an inventor’s attic. There were many puzzles in one room, and each puzzle awarded us with a piece of a machine that would open a box for the next part of the room. Naturally, we broke up into teams to work on several puzzles at once. Some of us had trouble with our puzzles, so we would switch to put new eyes on it.

When one puzzle was completed, another escapelete asked how it was done. Under normal circumstances, it’s important to share information during a team project. This allows everyone to understand what is happening, creating a well-informed and responsive team. However, in this case, it was slowing down the team.

When you’re in a time crunch, like an escape room (where you usually only have an hour), it makes more sense to wait until the mission is accomplished to request an explanation. When this particular escapelete kept asking how things had been done, it took time to explain exactly how we’d figured out the puzzle and how this gave us a piece of the next puzzle we had to complete.

Teamwork is essential, but we must consider the situations that we are put in as a team. We need to trust that our team is doing what they need to for the project, that they’ll ask for help if they need it, and if we need to know the specifics, we can always ask later! Remember to consider the circumstances. Let your team do what they need to do. If you want to grow from the information, make a note to ask once the project is done or when it’s evident that you have time to do so.

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