Quit Bleeping Around: 77 Secrets to Superachieving

  • November 25, 2015

Do you feel held back? Stuck in your job? Stifled by those around you? Then it’s time to Quit [Bleeping] Around and embrace your inner superachiever with Christina M. Eanes’s revelatory new guide to success. Brimming with seventy-seven expert tips from a former FBI violent crime analyst, this no-nonsense handbook is a call to action for all those who feel forced to hide their talents so they don’t make others look bad—or for those who have given up on their goals entirely because they’re tired of being told to “slow down” or not “rock the boat.”

Christina helps you see that the obstacles in front of you, whether placed there by others or yourself, are not only surmountable but entirely crushable! Unleash the success story hiding within yourself, and you will discover a whole new world of personal and professional fulfillment you never even dreamed was possible.​

Learn to live life to the fullest with easy-to-follow tricks, tips, and advice from a woman whose success in her field led her to help others to achieve their own. It’s time to stop being held back and start flaunting your inner superachiever!

Available in paperback, audiobook, and Kindle formats​